Golf Club Memberships or Virtual Reality Golf?

Will virtual reality replace good old fashioned golf club memberships? Although some suggest that the educational aspect of VR coupled with the fact that you can practice from the comfort of your home may seem appealing, the technology is still just a novelty. Nothing can beat professional golf lessons in South Florida sun, the open air, smells, and experience of a round on a real, championship golf course.

Have you ever wanted to play a round of golf on the moon? Dell and HTC have partnered to make this happen, and both companies are setting up tents at every PGA tour location to offer a lunar game to spectators. The inflatable tent creates a moon-like atmosphere and attendees are given a headset when they walk in. The idea of hitting golf balls on the moon comes from the Apollo 14 mission when Alan Shepard famously played a very clumsy round of golf on the lunar surface. Admittedly, it is probably difficult to use the correct posture in those suits, and Mr. Shepard had an experience that no golf club membership could compete with.

The advancements in virtual reality are pushing the technology even further into the public domain. The current focus has been to create images that are both stimulated and realistic. There is no way for virtual reality to have an effect on the human body, so playing a round of golf can be visually interesting but doesn’t yet compete with the physical activity that a golfer gets on the green. Lessons and golf club memberships are still the go-to methods to enjoy the wonderful game of golf and learn to play. Check out the summer memberships at Deer Creek Golf Club and join us for some great golf this summer!