Fun Golf Drills at The Driving Range

When you are enjoying an activity, you may not be aware of how much you are actually learning. Taking the boring out of learning activities and practice is something that teachers do all the time, so why not take that idea and adopt it to your golf game? Instead of just doing drills, Deer Creek Golf Club recommends creating fun golf drills for the driving range. 

  1. Suggest a friendly wager with a game of horse. Aim for a spot on the range and each player has to hit it. Nothing breeds passion like a little competition.
  2. Afternoon dates. Keep it casual, show off your skills, and teach your companion something new. Bonus points if they are already a golfer and have been to a South Florida driving range.
  3. Stick with the same club for at least 50+ balls. Most golfers will go to a South Florida driving range and use a mixture of all their clubs, but you will find that you get better results and learn more about a particular golf club by practicing with it a lot rather than constantly switching it up.
  4. Sing a tune! Use the “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do” song to gradually hit the balls from lowest to highest and then back again. Sing it in your head and you will be more mindful of the ball during strokes.
  5. Don’t mindlessly hit balls, aim for something. This translates better on the golf course because on the green you will be aiming for something. So, while on the driving range, choose a destination marker and drive your strokes that way to guide the ball.

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