Olympic Golf Course Created after 112 years!

After a 112-year hiatus, the sport of golf will be returning to the Olympics this year in Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time that golf is a part of the lineup since 1904. Instead of playing on an established golf course, a special Olympic golf course has been constructed in Rio.

There will be 60 women and 60 men competing to win medals this August. However, some controversy has already surfaced in the golfing community. Some question the need to include an Olympic golf course since there are already so many international tournaments and cups. A few of the top male golfers have already announced that they will not be competing on this year’s Olympic golf course, and will instead be competing on their usual golf courses. In an almost opposite reaction, a lot of the female LPGA tour champions are excited about the opportunity to represent their countries on the international stage.

The first time that golf appeared in the Olympics was in 1900 and again in 1904, but the event was so poorly managed that it gained very little attention or traction. The golf professionals at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida say that it was so misrepresented that the female gold medal winner, America’s Margaret Ives Abbot, didn’t even know she was competing in the Olympics; she thought it was just a small French tournament. In today’s social media heavy world, Ms. Abbot would have most definitely known that she was on an Olympic golf course.

These days, golf enjoys its spot as one of the five most watched sports in the world. Looking for the perfect championship golf course in South Florida? Check out Deer Creek Golf Club located in Deerfield Beach, Florida for their summer rates and golfing packages.