What are your FedEx Cup Predictions?

July and August are the months for all things golf! Fed Ex Cup playoffs begin August 25 and last for the entire month. What has always been interesting about the FedEx Cup is that it is the first tournament to have a playoff system, making it different than any other golf tournament and more difficult to have accurate FedEx Cup predictions. None the less, Deer Creek Golf Club staffs golfing professionals who have the following FedEx Cup predictions to make: 

Jordan Spieth

Naturally, 2016 FedEx Cup predications cannot leave out last year’s champion Jordan Spieth. Spieth has been surrounded by controversy since his public “meltdown” earlier this year, and analysts flood the internet with possible reasons for his losing streak, but championship golf courses in Deerfield Beach think that Spieth will come around and be a contender in this year’s FedEx Cup. At a press conference following the Masters, Spieth mentioned that he gets far too down on himself, and that was partly what lead to his massive defeat at the Masters; but, Deer Creek hopes that Spieth has recovered and will bring his A-game like last year.

Jason Day

Australian-born Jason Day seems to be the new darling of the golf world. Day was a hopeful to win the PGA Tour Championship and be the second golfer in history to win it back-to-back (Tiger being the first), which makes him a likely contender for FedEx Cup predictions.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson, known as DJ, is still due for his breakthrough in the world of championship golf. Most have had high hopes for Johnson since the start of the 2016 golf season, but so far he hasn’t lived up to his 2015 season. Still, he is a major contender for the 2016 FedEx Cup title.