Celebrity Golfers and Their Handicaps

The game of golf is beloved by so many that even celebrities have taken to the game in order to relax and spend time with friends or colleagues. In fact, golf is an extremely popular game among celebrities, much like how corporate CEOs take to the green. Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach has witnessed many celebrities hit the greens for a day with friends, and the following are well-known, celebrity golf handicaps.

Bill Gates – Index 24.3

Like most CEO’s, Bill Gates worked on his golf, although he was not that great at it.

Clint Eastwood – Index 14.5

Eastwood’s golf handicap is not too bad, doubly so when you realize that he is 86 years old.

Keven Costner – Index 11.4

Roy McAvoy from Tin Cup, Keven Costner does not hit as well as his character, but he did play one hell of a golfer in the movie and that has to count for something…maybe a mulligan?

Wayne Gretzsky – Index 8.5

Gretzsky, better known as the legend who used a stick and hurled objects in a different setting, is a decent golfer. He will never be the next Tiger Woods, but his golf handicap is still better than most celebrities on top of the fact that he is a champion ice hockey player.

Bill Murray – Index 7.2

Carl Spackler from the movie Caddy Shack, Bill Murray, is actually a good golfer. In fact, he learned the game so well that he may have been seen once or twice at a championship golf course in South Florida.

Michael Jordan 1.9

Big Mike! Jordan is an all-round great athlete. He is a living basketball legend, he tried his hand at baseball, and he has a monster index that puts him ahead of almost all other celebrity golfer handicaps.