Bing Crosby Biography Reveals He Had 75 Golf Club Memberships

If you are a golf enthusiast and are looking for an interesting biography or book that details the love of the game, try 18 Holes with Bing: Golf, Life and Lessons from Dad by Bing Crosby’s son Nathaniel. One of the most interesting aspects of the American legend was his absolute love and devotion to the game of golf. It was later discovered that he had 75 golf club memberships and was paying dues on almost all of them.

Championship golf courses in South Florida will say that Bing Crosby forever changed the world of golf. He is responsible for creating the first Pro-Am (professional-amateur) tournament, which is still played today and is known as the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. His tournament structure was copied and is still the standard of almost all golf tournaments in the world. He also created the glass cup trophy styles that are common in almost all golf tournaments, including the Augusta National. However, Crosby did much more than just holding a lot of golf club memberships and creating the glass cup; Crosby lived and breathed the game.

Although famous for his vocal talents, Crosby was a strong golf player. Bing Crosby died in 1977 from a heart attack. He had just finished a game on a professional golf course in Spain, and some of his last words were: “That was a great game of golf”. The book, written by his son, was released on May 3, 2016, and if you consider yourself a big fan of golf, it is a must read.

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