What Did Arnold Palmer Think of His Drink?

Arnold Palmer passed away September 25, 2016 and left a massive legacy behind. South Florida golf courses, British golf courses, and even Australian golf courses will never be the same. The world of golf lost a legend.

What did Arnold Palmer do for the sport of golf? Well, his accolades speak for themselves: Arnie won a whopping 62 PGA Tour titles and 7 Majors titles. He won a lifetime achievement award and was one of the original inductees into the Golf Hall of Fame.

Of course, Arnold was synonymous as one of the most legendary golfers of all time, and for the famed ice tea lemonade concoction that shares his name: The Arnold Palmer; a drink that that’s enjoyed on South Florida golf courses even to his day. But what did Arnold Palmer think of his drink and how did he invent it?

Some may argue that he did not invent the recipe for the drink that shares his name, and that it was merely a coincidence that the iced tea and lemonade was named the Arnold Palmer, but according to the man himself, he and his wife made it consciously.

In an interview Palmer did for the new short series 30 for 30, Palmer said that he and his then wife Winnie, tried the mixture at home one afternoon and decided it was what he would take to the golf course the following day.

The truth is, he loved the drink and it never was something he grew tired of.

Arnold Palmer was known for what he did on South Florida golf courses, on British fairways, and in front of millions of people. His golf playing was legendary and he will be remembered for his generosity, his spirit, and his swing. The drink is only just a small piece of his legacy.

Rest in Peace Arnie.