A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Golfers

Deer Creek Golf Club knows that many of our loved ones are waiting to hear that one special, four letter word and it’s not love – it’s golf. This year for Valentine’s Day, get your significant other what they really want from their Boca Raton public golf course pro shop. Are you not sure what you should get the golfer in your life? The golf professionals at South Florida championship golf course, Deer Creek, suggest the following Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make any golfer Valentine swoon.

1. An embroidered golf polo shirt from their favorite public golf course in Boca Raton, Florida. Visit the Deer Creek Pro Shop and pick up an embroidered polo for your significant other to rock on the greens.

2. Golf Lessons. Every golfer could use some lessons, no matter how many years of experience they have under their belt. Golf is a sport where a player can always improve.

3. Membership or a round of golf at their favorite South Florida golf course. Purchasing your loved one a membership or a round of golf is a great gift for Valentine’s Day, and it will give them no excuse not to hit the green.

4. Gift certificate to their favorite golf club. Buying your love a Deer Creek golf certificate will give them the freedom to choose where they spend that money. They can choose to buy a round of golf with a friend, some happy hour drinks at the Deer Creek Grille, or on some new gear from the Pro Shop.

5. A night out at Deer Creek Golf Club for the Valentine’s Day buffet. The Deer Creek Valentine’s Day buffet is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Take in the beautiful views of the rolling greens and landscaping while enjoying savory cuisine from our top chef.