3 Tips for Successfully Hitting Your Golf Ball

Golf can give even some of the best players a run for their money at any given time, which adds to golf’s lifelong sports characteristic – there is always room for improvement. One of the conditions that poses an ever pending threat is the dreaded bunker shot. However, in theory, the shot seems relatively simple and the golf professionals at Deer Creek Golf Club know that many players lose their poise and confidence when they face the bunker shot challenge.

The golfing professionals at our public golf course in South Florida want to restore your confidence with our tips to put you in the right mindset to take on the dreaded bunker shot with success.

Approach the sand trap with a positive attitude.

Most golf players will position their stance too wide because many players will mentally psych themselves out in the sand trap. South Florida public golf course pros suggest avoiding forcefully drilling the ball that can lead to a fat shot in the sand bunker. Try focusing on getting the ball back on the green using a narrower stance.

Properly position your lower body.

Deer Creek Golf Club knows that they key to success is adopting the correct body position. We suggest that you turn your aim to the left of your target line, and open your clubface approximately 2-3 degrees. Place your stance shoulder width apart, while simultaneously flexing your knees. At first, this stance may feel awkward, but with practice the stance will put your body in line and make the bunker shot process simpler.

Use a half back swing approach.

Once you have adopted the proper position, focus should come to your swing. Professionals suggest finding an area 2-4 inches behind the ball. Place your hands evenly on the club and pull the club back half-way. In the process of the half-way swing, make sure you rotate your shoulders. The swing should feel familiar to a pitch shot, the only difference is that there is sand involved.