Must-Have Golf Apps for Beginners

There are a lot of golf apps for beginners floating around out there, but most beginners only need three golf apps to be on top of their game. Find golf courses in South Florida, get tips on improving your swing and find fellow golfers to play with. Here are the three best golf apps for beginners.

Hole19 – Golf GPS, Scorecard & Rangefinder

This is an extremely useful and one of the rare, completely free golf apps for beginners. You can set it up through Facebook or simply enter your email. It will take you only a few moments to get your profile setup. The best part is that Deer Creek Golf Club is one of the listed golf courses in South Florida. You can set it as your home course and every time you play a round of golf here, you will have all of the course information at your fingertips.

Nike Golf 360

If you are starting out, you are going to need to choose from a growing list of golf apps for beginners that are aimed at improving your game. You can watch the swings of top golfers and compare them to your own. The list of golf courses in South Florida is also extensive, but Hole19 will take care of any range finding and GPS needs you may have.

Golf Match

Golf Match is one of the more unique golf apps for beginners you are likely to find in your app store. If you are new to the game, you are probably still looking for people to play with. And even if you do have a few golf buddies, you probably want to get a few more rounds in to improve your skill level. Golf Match connects golfers of similar levels with each other. So, if your friends bail on you or if you don’t have anyone to play with just yet, pull up Golf Match on your smartphone, find golf courses in South Florida, and see who’s up for a friendly game with a fellow golfer.