Golf Course Etiquette: Cell Phones

Since smart phones have consumed their owners, golf course etiquette and cell phone use has been a hot discussion. Many traditional, older generation golfers complain about cellphones taking the enjoyment out of the moment and the overall game; so, when it comes to setting some golf course etiquette for cell phone use, Deer Creek Golf Course has some tips!

Golf course etiquette is somewhat universal; it is the same on a South Florida golf course as it is on golf courses halfway around the world. The unwritten rules of golf transcend language barriers and age. Since a lot of business takes place on golf courses, it is up to the players to set cell phone etiquette before hitting the green, but the following has become common etiquette for smart phone use on the course.

Turn off Your Cellphone

A no cell phone policy on the golf course may seem like a no brainer to some, but the argument can be broken down using the following points:

– Cell phones are a distraction for more than just the person who is on the phone. No professional golfer wants to hear ringtones or phone conversations while playing a game of golf.

– Cell phones slow down play. Cell phones cause players to not pay attention, therefore slowing down play.

– Cell phones ruin the game. The game of golf is meant to be quiet, relaxing, and all-encompassing. While on a championship golf course in South Florida, you should not be on your cell phone distracting other players on the green and ruining the game.

In general, cell phone use goes against traditional golf etiquette and should be refrained from.