U.S. Presidents Love Golfing

Presidents tend to have very similar backgrounds and interests, including a strong golf game. While golfing has always been considered a “gentlemen’s” sport, whoever realized how much our Presidents love golfing?

Here are five of the most recent Presidents and facts about their golf game that you may not have known:

Barack Obama. President Obama has been seen playing over 100 rounds of golf since 2009.

George W. Bush. The former President is an advocate golfer and has even organized a golf tournament for wounded veterans.

George H.W. Bush. Like his son and other family members, Mr. Bush is a golfer…and a good one. He is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and has also served as an honorary chairman of the First Tee.

Bill Clinton. As a host of the PGA Tour’s Humana Challenge and with a featured statue at the Ballybunion in Ireland, it is safe to say that Mr. Clinton is a golf enthusiast.

Dwight Eisenhower. It’s no shock here that President Eisenhower loved golf, as a member and frequent visitor of Augusta National. Being close friends with Arnold Palmer, Eisenhower helped make the game of golf popular – he even had a putting green built at the White House!