Tiger Woods Steps Off the Course for Undetermined Amount of Time

After a slew of injuries and surgeries, Tiger Woods, the 14-time major champion has slipped out of the top world rankings to number 400. The 39-year-old has been observed as being in a bleak mood since he revealed his physical condition is deteriorating. Tiger reported that he is in such bad physical shape after a back surgery that he can’t even stoop down to pick up his ball. 

Deer Creek Golf Club reports that Woods underwent his third micro-discectomy surgery last month, a procedure that attempts to remove a portion of bone that surrounds a pinched nerve, in hopes to give it free space to heal. Tiger Woods even admitted that he has no idea when he will be back on the course.

The South Florida golf course quoted Woods in an interview, “I have no answer for that (referring to when he will be back on the green). And neither does my physio.” He also went on to say “I listen to my surgeon, I listen to my physios, and we just take it day by day. Hopefully the day by day adds up to something positive here soon.”

Woods has previously suffered from a serious knee ligament injury, but his back problem is proving particularly difficult psychologically. The fact that there is no time table for his recovery has been the hardest factor for Woods to wrap his mind around.

Deer Creek’s Deerfield Beach golf course knows that this is a gloomy and difficult time for Tiger Woods. He has had and maintained a very successful career and we hope this is not the end of his golf career. Our club staff and crew sends their sincerest well wishes for a speedy recovery and hope to see Mr. Woods back on the green soon.