How to Stay on Par with Your Golfing New Year’s Resolution

Roughly 90 percent of people do not stick to their New Year’s Resolution, so if you chose learning golf as yours, we have some tips on how to stay on par with your resolution.

Invest in golf: Purchasing proper golfing attire and equipment will help increase your chances of actually stepping foot onto a golf course.  Making yourself feel comfortable and confident on the course is half the battle to actually learning how to play well.

Practice putting: By starting simple, you can learn the basic techniques of golf, and when it comes down to that last small putt at the 18th hole, you can be sure that it will not take you five tries to make it in.

Find your technique: Find what moves work for you and what types of clubs are best for your swing and drive. Off the course, pick up your clubs at home and practice your swings. If you typically go to the gym every day, trade it out for an hour visit to the local golf course instead; you will be surprised at the amount of exercise that you can get from your beginner swings and chasing after golf balls.

Hire a Pro: Hiring a professional golf tutor will make it so that you do not slack on keeping your New Year’s resolution.

The more time and money that you invest in golf, the more likely you will be able to master your New Year’s resolution, and the more that those 100 golf balls you lost in the course’s lakes will be golf balls not missed.