Playing Golf in Cold Weather

Even though Deer Creek Golf Club is located in sunny and warm Florida, we realize that all of the players who visit our golf course do not have the luxury of living in paradise year round. Many golf players live in places that experience cold winter months, and this should not be an excuse to allow your golf game to suffer. Don’t let a little frigid weather or snow get in the way of your golf game. Here are some tips for playing golf in cold weather by the golf pros at our South Florida golf course.

  • Move someplace warm. Just a joke, but all kidding aside, why wouldn’t you? Then, you can enjoy a warm golf game year round.
  • Wear an extra pair of socks. While we are making this suggestion, why not wear an extra pair of everything that will keep you warm while playing golf during winter. Layer up!
  • Make realistic goals. Playing in colder temperatures are sure to have an effect on your golf game. Once you accept that you won’t be breaking any personal records, enjoy the game and the fact that you are not having to completely take a golf hiatus.
  • Customize your club selections. Just as your muscles tense up in colder weather, so does your golf ball. Make the necessary adjustments with your club choice since golf balls do not travel as far during cold weather.
  • Bring hand warmers. The golfing pros at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida suggest putting hand warmers in your pockets in order to keep your hands warm in-between swings.
  • Opt for walking the course. Instead of taking a cart, choose to walk. This will get your blood flowing and loosen up your muscles. The physical exertion will warm up your body and prevent you from stiffening up.
  • Enjoy an adult beverage. Be responsible of course, but alcohol can also help warm you up!