Is Golf Too Expensive for Young Athletes?

Deer Creek Golf Club believes that the sport of golf is unique in the sense that one can play golf for almost an entire lifetime. Like all sports though, the best time to become interested is during adolescence. Many golf coaches and parents see this as a problem, since golf has a high price tag on everything.

If you live in Florida, most kids can pick up a football and play virtually anywhere; whereas, when you want to play golf, the options are limited since you need to play on a course. Kids interested in the sport of golf need multiple golf clubs to make up a set, and the golf clubs must fit the player. So not only do you have to invest in a custom set of golf clubs, but you also have to replace them as the child grows, making it a continuous expense.

Golf expenses don’t just stop at clubs though. The cost to play golf also include shoes, gloves, specialized clothing, tees, balls, and fees to play on a championship golf course in Florida. Golf Club memberships are very expensive and single use fees can add up quickly. It is not just the price of equipment that an aspiring golf pro will face; in order to play golf competitively, lessons are necessary and pricey.

The game of golf can become expensive for your child to learn, but it is also a cultured game that can be an investment for a life time. Schools Districts that have golf teams are beginning to meet in the middle and provide courses for the kids to play and practice, and supply some equipment for the games.

Golf has a way of making people fall in love with the sport. Deer Creek Golf Club of Deerfield Beach knows that if given the opportunity, it only takes a few rounds of golf to get hooked. They offer various types of memberships with exclusive benefits, as well as open to the public for standard rates. Go online today to book your tee time at Deer Creek Golf Club!