How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

Deer Creek Golf Club is no stranger to the frustration of slicing the golf ball. Slicing the ball is the phenomenon where the ball leaves the tee seemingly headed straight and takes a violent turn into the next fairway or worse, a car window. True to nature, you will probably replay the shot over and over in your head wondering what went wrong since you thought you were doing the same thing at each tee. For some unknown reason though, the ball slices and wreaks havoc on your score for the hole. Deer Creek golf professionals want to delve a little deeper and offer a few quick fixes to help you always shoot straight shots.

  • Avoid adjusting your aim. Instead, keep your shoulders and body aimed at the target. Try to align your aim by taking the golf club and holding it horizontally across your thighs with the butt end pointing towards the intended target, and slowly move the club up towards your shoulders to see if they are aimed in the same direction. This simple alignment technique will make sure that you are squaring up properly.
  • Changing your grip or shaft. Proper grip pressure is the key to a good swing. The key with a golf grip is to avoid all tension in the wrists while eliminating a weak grip, so that the club is not open face at impact.
  • Swing impact. Swing impact is what championship golf courses in Deerfield Beach say is the most important aspect to stop slicing the golf ball. One easy way to tell if your swing impact is creating a slice is by analyzing the divot left behind after the swing. The divot you left on the course on a slice shot will be pointing left, indicating that you are coming across the ball on impact.