How to Buy Golf Shoes

A lot goes into the game of golf; from techniques to golf course preferences, but nothing can compare to the amount of specialty required when it comes to golf apparel. Even the most beginner players need a set of clubs, balls, gloves, clothing and arguably the most important, golf shoes. While golf shoes are not required on the Deer Creek golf course, many golfers prefer to wear them regardless. If you have decided to purchase your own pair of golf shoes, there are some things that you may not be aware of.

The championship golf courses in South Florida would like to help you decide which pair is right for you with a few tips on how to buy golf shoes:

Spikes. Spikes on a pair of golf shoes help plant a golfer to avoid slipping when he or she takes a swing. There are both metal spike and replaceable plastic spike golf shoe options. You will need to keep in mind when purchasing your golf shoes that metal spikes damage the green, so some Florida public golf courses do not allow them.

Size. It is important that your golf shoes are not too tight, but not too loose. Your foot should not have enough room to slip around and your heel shouldn’t be able to lift. When you swing a club, you will want to have stability in your feet, so your golf shoes should be snug and comfortable.

Material. Material is important for comfortability. Generally speaking, leather is more comfortable and more durable than any other material. Just make sure to purchase leather treatment oil, so that they can withstand water and wear.

Cost. Like most golf gear, the cost of golf shoes can vary greatly and quickly become expensive. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, your shoes will be with you through birdies, bogies, and the elusive hole-in-one, so the professionals at Deer Creek’s Golf Pro Shop recommend that you invest in a good pair.