Golf World Magazine Remembers Legendary Tee off Between Four Golf Giants

In an issue of Golf World from Oct. 1. 1965, one brief paragraph was dedicated to a golf match that surely deserved a front page spread. The report read:

“As Jack Nicklaus produced a new one-year money-winning record by winning the Portland Open, the former record-holder, Arnold Palmer, teamed with Sam Snead in an exhibition match at Dallas to trim Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, 5 and 3. Nelson was hampered by an injured wrist.”

The match of Arnold with the Big Three predecessors to him is one of the most underreported events in golf history. The event lacked publicity, and even though the round of golf was played in May, it wasn’t reported until the fall.

Arnold Palmer was 35 years old and the others were 52 and 53 years old, there was still great competition and the older players were described as a “potent force”. In that same month, Ben Hogan had been named the greatest professional golfer of all time.

Arnold Palmer made a comment that Ben Hogan did not seem to validate him as actual competition, and that while out on the course, the conversation between the two was nonexistent. Palmer was quoted, “I was never an entity as far as he was concerned. I was just another player.”

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