Golf Etiquette

Each sport has its own set of rules, and with those rules comes a different set of etiquette and behavior guidelines. If you are new to the world of golf, there are some basic golf etiquette rules that you should be familiar with.

In golf, the slowest player can be a source of frustration. Be aware of your place in the group, and if you are consistently the slowest, try to speed it up. Also, make sure your group is keeping pace of play with the group in front of yours. If you are not ready to go when it is your turn, encourage another player to go instead of wasting everyone’s time. Avoiding slow play is important for golf etiquette.

Keeping the course intact for the players behind you, is proper golf etiquette. Fix ball marks with a tee, and replace your divots. When you rake the sand, don’t leave deep rake furrows. This goes for your golf cart too. Be careful not to damage the turf, and avoid wet areas at all costs.

Everyday etiquette applies to golf etiquette as well. Keep your cell phoned turned off while you are on the green. A ringing phone can easily break a player’s concentration. Don’t break plans when you have told someone that you will meet them at the course. And help out when you can, by picking up stray balls and clubs left on the ground.

Golf is a great sport, and it is as relaxing as it is educational. Make sure to apply the golf etiquette you learned here at Deer Creek, and you will surely be invited back again!