Golf Course Etiquette

Playing your first round of golf can be very intimidating. There are decades old rules of golf course etiquette that play a great role in the sport of golf. There are numerous, tiny aspects that go into the golf game itself, but there are also many rules of etiquette that you may be unaware of. The golf professionals at Deer Creek’s championship golf course in Deerfield Beach want to make your first round on the green a little easier, by helping with a quick primer of golf course etiquette.

  • Equipment. Taking the right amount of equipment to the course plays both into rules and etiquette. It is best for a beginner golf player to make sure they have all the clubs they will need, but do not exceed 14 clubs since it is against the rules. Make sure that you have plenty of tees and golf balls, so that you are not constantly badgering your fellow players for theirs.
  • Schedule a tee time, then show up for your Deer Creek tee time. You should always make a tee time even if it is not required, and then show up to the tee time 30 minutes early, just to be safe. If you miss your tee time your golf group may miss their spot and have to wait for another opening.
  • Dressing the part. Most golf courses have some form of dress code. Find out what the dress code is for the course you are going to play and dress appropriately. If you do not have the proper attire most golf courses have a golf pro shop with golf attire.
  • Teeing off. Make sure you are teeing off your golf ball at the correct marker. Never place your ball in front of the tee markers.
  • Play as it lies. One of the most fundamental principles of golf. What it means is pretty simple, don’t move or touch the ball. Where ever it comes to rest whether it is out of bounds or in high grass, you most likely have to play it as is.
  • Keeping the pace. It is important as a beginner to be aware of your pace of play because slow play has always been an issue with golfers. You don’t want to keep golfers behind you waiting.
  • Golf course care. Golf courses are here to be enjoyed by all golfers, so part of your responsibility is to take care of the golf course while you are on it. Be responsible of your actions and how they affect the golf course.