A Gentlemen’s Guide to the Unwritten Rules of Golf

Learning a new sport is always challenging, especially when you are trying to familiarize yourself with all the rules of the game. Difficult as it may sound, some rules may not be written, which is why our South Florida golf course has devised this list of unwritten rules of golf that every golfer should know.

Don’t throw your clubs. While to many this may sound like a no brainer, you will come across one person in your golf lifetime that will throw their golf clubs out of frustration. Every golfer has been angered by their performance on the golf course, but this is a gentlemen’s sport and you should conduct yourself as such.

Silence is golden. As a sport of etiquette, respect your fellow golfers by keeping the noise down. Preparing for a swing requires time and concentration that can be broken with your conversation. Keep the talking to a minimum and if you must speak, use a lower voice out of respect.

Respect the course. Championship golf courses require a lot of maintenance to preserve their beauty and guarantee the best golfing experience possible. That being said, throw away your trash. No one wants to visit a golf course that has been trashed by golfers. Respect the golf course and leave it the way you found it, clean.

Faster players go first. This unwritten rule is commonly overlooked, but it is a common courtesy to allow the group behind you to pass your group if they are golfing faster. Everyone golfs at a different pace, which is understandable, but if the group behind you golfs faster, be respectful and allow them to cut your group.