You Can Still Play Golf This Winter!

Winter can put a stop to many of the things that we enjoy: sun bathing, swimming, days at the beach…but it doesn’t have to put a stop to your golf game! Whether you are dealing with a chilly cold front here in South Florida or you are taking your golf game north, Deer Creek Golf Club has a few tips on how to stay warm on the green. So don’t worry, you can still play golf this winter!

Keeping warm is the first step to a successful round during winter. Most of our body heat escapes through our head and hands, so keep those covered! Invest in a warm ski cap and a good pair of gloves. You probably are not going to be able to wear your gloves when you play, so a good tip is to bring along some heating pads and stuff them into your gloves or pockets; they will warm you up fast between rounds. While you are playing, it is probably not a good idea to get around via golf cart. If you do not keep moving, your swing will get stiff and your game will suffer…so walk the course!

For the game, we highly suggest bringing some colored golf balls. There is nothing that will kill the mood like searching through the snow for your white golf ball. Golf balls can pose an entirely different problem as well: their temperature. Warm golf balls travel a lot farther than cold ones, so try to keep them warm in your hands or pockets until you are ready to use them.

You do not have to forgo your favorite pastime during winter. Whether you are playing in South Florida or on an icy, northern golf course, there are plenty of steps that you can take to make sure your game is on point year round!