A Beginners Guide to Golf

So you have decided you want to pick up the gentlemen’s game of golf, congratulations! Unlike most sports, golf is more of a fun activity, driving self-improvement rather than a competition. While you make a competition with your fellow golfers, the true competitor is the golf course itself, not your opponent.

The Course. Standard golf courses consist of 18 holes – that is the only similarity that all golf courses share. The golf course is made up of:

  • Rough – long grass
  • Fairway – closely mowed grass
  • Green – where the actual golf hole is
  • Bunkers – a sand-pit used as a hazard obstacle to make the game more difficult
  • Streams – water used as a hazard, similar to bunkers

Scoring. Your golf score is made up of the number of shots you took and any penalties. Scores depend on the “par” for the course. Par is a number between 70 and 72, which is comprised from the amount of shots it would take a top golfer to play the course. Each hole has a par made according to the length and difficult – a Par 3 hole means that you have three shots in order to make it in.

Etiquette. Golf is commonly referred to as the ‘Gentlemen’s Sport’ and this is because of two university game rules: respect for your fellow golfers and respect for the golf course. Some common golf etiquette is:

  • Not walking on the line of their putt on the greens
  • Talking during a player’s swing
  • Raking bunkers
  • Repairing pitch marks
  • Replacing divots

Deer Creek Golf Course is a public championship golf course located in Deerfield Beach, FL. With country club amenities, Deer Creek provides a challenging golf course that can be enjoyed by golfers or all ages.