Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

The sunshine, the beach, the relaxed vibe of the season. What could be more romantic than a summer wedding? From the guests to the food to the dress, these summer wedding planning tips will help you build amazing wedding memories that will last you a lifetime.

Keep in mind that outdoors poses a variety of problems depending on time of day. Guests might be sweaty during the high afternoon, but the mosquitos will come out the closer you get to sunset. Expecting these problems and preparing for them will save you a world of stress.

Be aware of holidays in the summer. While it might seem ideal to you to schedule your wedding on a long weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day, your guests likely have family plans and other things going on for the holiday weekend. Be considerate of your guests.

Plan activities for your guests so it feels like a vacation for everyone. They might want to take advantage of the warm weather to see some sights in your city. Make it easy for them and do some legwork ahead of time. Put together a welcome kit for your out-of-towners: fill up a gift bag with a local magazine, a transit or road map, and a list of your favorite dining recommendations.

Bonus: planning a golf course wedding means you can factor in a round of golf for your guests, or a brunch at the golf course’s country club. Take advantage of local amenities and be aware of hotels nearby, so that you can try to keep everyone together as a group as much as possible.