Tips for Planning Country Club Weddings

Outdoor weddings, such as country club weddings, are all the rage during the summer, and it’s no wonder why. Summer weddings are elegant, beautiful, and usually a really fun time. Even though they are so great, there are some minor downfalls to having a wedding in the heat. So when it comes time to plan your summer wedding, whether it be on a golf course, some kind of garden, or even the beach, keep these tips in mind.

First and foremost, the weather is key. If it’s hot out, make sure to provide lots of options for guests to keep cool. There are tons of options available, but some of the simpler ones are actually really simple. You could provide your guests with their own parasol, or you could provide sunglasses, both being good wedding favors, or you could print your program on a little hand held fan to kill two birds with one stone. Another option is to use natural shade to shade your guests from the summer heat. Also keep ice cold water readily available so that nobody gets dehydrated.

Secondly, attire is also very important. Choose a dress and tuxedo that breathe easily, and don’t hold on to too much heat. For women, either invest in heel covers so their shoes don’t sink into grass, or make a small note on the invitation to make sure people are aware of the ground conditions. Nobody wants to try to stand up and sink three inches into the ground.

Finally, common sense is key. Picture yourself in your guests shoes, and if you’re miserable, find a way to fix the problem so that your guests can have the best time possible at your beautiful summer wedding.