Teaching Your Kids the Game of Golf

Golf can be a very valuable sport to teach your kids: it instills patience, honesty, perseverance, focus, and determination. Letting your kids go to the golf course can be a bonding regimen for you, and it can give them a lifetime love of the sport. Getting your kids off on the right start with golf involves a few pointers, though. We suggest your children go through a professional lesson with a South Florida golf pro, and then continue regular, periodic lessons. Also, these tips:

Have them fit for clubs. A rule of thumb for most irons, is when the club is standing tall it should reach close to your child’s belly button. There are many junior sets out there for children of all sizes. The right clubs will impact their swings and will help them learn the right form and swing with the most natural ease.

Safety and etiquette. Kids are usually unaware of their surroundings and this is especially true on the golf course. Please impress upon your kids how dangerous a moving golf club is. Also, etiquette on the golf course is a valuable lesson to teach early on.

Teach proper grip. Kids have a tendency to grip the club in any shape or form that feels comfortable to them. Usually their grip stems from other sports, for example baseball or hockey. Try and teach your kids the interlocking grip right off the start, because as they grow and progress, this grip will benefit them the most.

Remember to let them have FUN with it! If your child is not having fun, they will not have the patience to stick with it. If they do something right, or hit a great shot, congratulate them… high-five them. Be positive, and remind them of how to do it properly, and it will eventually stick.