Start Planning Your Child’s Graduation Party

Spring has sprung, which means a variety of things: the weather is breezier, the days are longer, and milestone events like graduation are just around the corner. Have you started planning your child’s graduation party? If the answer is no, don’t worry! We can help you plan the perfect graduation party.

First things first, decide on a date and time. Depending on the South Florida graduation party venue you decide to use, this might be subject to availability. If you are having guests fly in from other parts of the country, consider having your party the night or day after graduation. That way all of your guests can celebrate with you while they’re in town.

Set a budget. Parties are expensive, so figuring out your budget is key. The size of your budget usually corresponds to the size of your party. Once you have the budget, you can also plan out a guest list and get an idea of a head count.

Write or print out the party invitations. School friends, teachers, and professors should be on the list, too. Buy and send invitations to all invited guests. Many people use simple, handwritten invitations and hand them out at school or work.

Plan the menu. Depending on where you book the event, there is likely a catering service or in-house restaurant that they will use to fulfill food needs. Add some personal touches to the menu and make sure there is something that even the most picky eaters will be able to enjoy.