South Florida Weddings on a Golf Course: A Winning Combo!

When people think of outdoor weddings, they typically don’t think of golf courses. Many people think of the beach, or some kind of garden, or maybe even an outdoor wedding venue. One venue that gets overlooked is a golf course. Golf courses are ideal for wedding, but most people don’t think of it that way. But imagine it, the grass is always perfectly mowed, the landscaping is perfect, and the scenery is beautifully picturesque. And then there’s the clubhouse or country club that is on the property, which is perfect for an indoor reception, if you so choose. The amenities are perfect.

Coupled with the beautiful scenery and the clubhouse that is on the grounds of the golf course, you also don’t have to hire an outside caterer. Because most golf courses have some kind of restaurant, there is no need to hire an outside caterer. That is sure to save some money so that you can splurge somewhere else. Some golf courses actually have a wedding coordinator on site. This means far less work for your family, and a much less stressful event.

With all of the amenities that are offered at many golf courses, it’s a wonder why more people don’t have their special day there. Although golf courses were made for the game, it almost seems as though they were made for South Florida weddings. Other than an actual self-proclaimed wedding venue, a golf course seems to be as close as you can get.