South Florida Wedding Checklist

You’ve set the date and you are ready to get married! In this exciting time, it can be easy to let some important things slip through the cracks. Here at Deer Creek Golf & Country Club, we want to help you ensure that everything is in place for your special day. Here is our last minute checklist to make sure you are good to go on your wedding day.

Make it legal! While you will say your vows and be pronounced married, you still need the proper paperwork filed to make it legal in Florida. Schedule an appointment at a courthouse in your area to make sure you are set to celebrate with your loved ones on the big day.

Fine tune details. Discuss music (what you love and what you want to avoid) with your DJ or band, and with your planner if you have one. Practice some shots with your photographer to make sure they are getting your preferred angles. There is nothing worse than a bunch of wedding photos you don’t love.

Do a dress rehearsal. While your wedding rehearsal doesn’t need to be a dress rehearsal, you want to make sure everyone’s clothes fit and for the ladies, that they can walk in their shoes. A practice run down the aisle in your wedding day heels is good for everyone.

Put away your phone. Don’t snap any photos or let others take photos before the ceremony. The last thing you want is someone accidentally posting a behind the scenes moment that allows people to see you before your entrance into the ceremony.

Plan for temperamental weather. If you are having a South Florida wedding, be advised that the weather here is tropical. While that means sunny and beachy most days, it also potentially means rain. Having umbrellas for your guests would be a smart precaution.

Breathe! This is the day you have been waiting for, and you need to enjoy it! So if things don’t go perfectly, don’t stress out. Mistakes happen, but in your state of bliss you should let it all roll off of you.