How to Pick the Right Pair of Golf Shoes

Picking out the right pair of golf shoes is more than just a fashion statement. The right pair of golf shoes can have a positive impact on your game. When you are on the greens, you are spending hours on your feet—it is important that you are comfortable. Before you hit up a South Florida golf pro shop to buy a pair of shoes, have an idea of what you are looking for in a pair.

The fit is immensely important. When you try new golf shoes, wear the kind of socks that you intend to wear with your shoes. Test your shoes by standing on one foot at a time. Wiggle your toes and stand on your tiptoes. Shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends. Be sure that you have one-half inch of space from the end of your big toe to the tip of the shoe.

Depending on the conditions you play in, you may want to consider a waterproof shoe. Waterproof shoes are more expensive, but they are much more comfortable in wet conditions. Leather uppers are the best for providing support and waterproofing. Shoes made of synthetic leather are less expensive but do not breathe as well nor do they offer as much waterproof protection.

Last, but not least, choose the style of shoe you feel most comfortable wearing. Golf shoes come in more options today than ever before and you should wear a pair that expresses your personal style and is also highly functional.