Perfect Your Putting Game

Putting can be the most difficult part of golfing. Driving seeks to gain yardage on the greens, so your aim has to be in a general area, but putting requires an exact target. So how can you perfect your putting game and hopefully knock a few strokes off of your round? Let’s examine!

Use both hands, respectively. While you obviously have both hands on the putter, what are your hands actually doing? Use one hand to lightly swing the putter, and use your other hand to guide the swing.

Think in terms of rolling the ball rather than hitting it. To do this, take an open stance, your weight slightly favoring your left side and your putter shaft leaning toward the target, which makes it easier to feel the left hand to move the ball. When you make the stroke, keep the putterhead low to the ground past impact. Don’t try to hit up on the ball, which makes it hop.

Consider your finger placement. Grip the putter any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hinder your left hand’s role in the stroke. But make sure to grip the club in your fingers. Take the focus off of your palms and use your fingers to move the putter.

Don’t look at the ball, look in front of the ball. This gets you thinking about the target line instead of the stroke–the opposite of what most golfers do.

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