Making New Friends through Golf

As we leave high school, college, and other environments that place us in environments conducive to meeting new people, making new friends can prove difficult. Thankfully, through common interests and hobbies, quality friendships can still form throughout various stages of our lives. One of the best ways to meet new friends and build enduring friendships is through the game of golf.

While golf attracts a variety of people, from different career paths, different political parties, and different age groups and so on, it attracts people who have a few qualities in common. Golf is a game that makes us humble, and what other quality in a friendship is so raw and honest? Like yoga, ego is often left at the door when you step out onto the golf course. Even the most remarkable player runs the risk of making a bad play or wishing they had done something different on the last hole.

Additionally, just about every golf outing includes moments of failure, disappointment, even heartbreak. How we face those things speaks volumes about the creature we are underneath the mask of the personality. You’ll see how people handle situations that are less than stellar and you get a real candid look at who a person really is. It’s remarkable really.

Looking to build quality friendships? Head to a South Florida driving range and introduce yourself to a few peers. You might find yourself as part of a new foursome to play with.