How to Make New Friends at a Golf Course

Aside from working on your game at the driving range, golf is a sport that is intended for groups. So what happens when you move to a new area and you don’t have anyone to play a round of golf with? You have to get out and network. Luckily, golf courses are a great place to make new friends and to find a group that you can regularly play with. Headed to a South Florida golf course and need some tips on meeting new playing partners? Read on to learn our suggestions.

Don’t be nervous. One of the best qualities you can show is confidence. Making new friends and meeting new people can be intimidating, but you have to gather yourself and feel comfortable introducing yourself to people and striking up conversation. 

Be calm and collected. Being too eager can be a turnoff for potential friends. Be calm and let your personality shine. And of course, keep your manners in check.

Have business cards with you. Make yourself leave a lasting impression by having a business card with your contact info handy to pass out to potential contacts and new friends.

If you are paired up with a group who already knows each other, hang back and listen before jumping into conversations. The last thing you want to do is share an extreme opinion or something else that might alienate you from the existing group. 

Keep up with the group. While golf isn’t a notoriously fast sport, you don’t want to make the game even slower. Be an efficient and respectful player and you’ll increase your odds of being invited to play again.