Improve Your Marriage Through Golf

Golf is a sport that we take with us when we leave the course. The values involved in a game of golf are ones that apply to every day life, marriage included. If you are interested in finding a different way to connect with your spouse, we suggest taking your partner to the golf course for some good old fashioned golf fun.

Hit your local course. If you want to ease into the sport, you can make trips to your local South Florida golf course and start off slow with lessons, driving range trips, and games of golf close to home. This will be a good way to build a solid foundation in golf together.

Be aware of the reactions you have throughout the game. Refrain from yelling, getting frustrated, or cursing. These reactions are ways you should react with each other as well.

After you have established a love for the game together, you can look into straying a little further from home and going on a golf vacation. If you are planning a golf getaway with your significant other, many full-service resort destinations welcome couples who want to golf together for extended vacations. The good news is that these are also available in Florida, so unless you want to, you do not have to go too far from home.