Improve Your Game with Golf Lessons at Deer Creek Golf Club

Whether you learned how to golf from a family member, from YouTube, or just by going out and giving it a shot, there is definitely a lot to be said about golf lessons and learning with a qualified teacher. The most important things a golfer wishes to learn are correct posture, grip, alignment and the golf swing itself. These are essential to every shot played in golf, and they are best learned with one-on-one attention and expertise. The Deer Creek Golf Club has three separate educational facilities for the game of golf: the Denise Lavigne Golf School, the Roland Stafford Golf School, and the Matt Robbins Golf School.

You don’t have to be a beginner to reap the benefits of golf school. When many golfers decide to take the game seriously, they should seek out professional instructors for private golf lessons. Golf instructors teach multiple types of standard shots, including driving, fairway shots, approaches, chipping, putting, and sand shots. Aside from these skills, they can help you assess what might be problematic with your swing and help guide you towards improving your game and becoming a better golfer. Simply practicing does not always make perfect when it comes to golf–you might need to adjust your stance, test different clubs, or shift your swing. This is where lessons can prove fruitful. Advanced instruction can teach techniques such as controlling the “shape” of the shot, controlling loft, ball-stopping and spinning, playing off uneven ground or sidehill lies, and trouble shots such as hitting out of the woods. It is important to communicate your desired takeaways from golf lessons so that the instructor knows what you hope to gain or improve.

Schedule a golf lesson with one of our professionals today and make 2014 the year you take your golf game to the next level! Our South Florida golf schools can help you improve your game–what are you waiting for? Know someone who loves golf? Lessons can also make a great gift!