How’s Your Golf Grip Affecting Your Game?

When it comes to the game of golf, the smallest details can make a huge impact on your game. From your clubs to your posture, every piece has a key role in the outcome of your golf game. So how’s your golf grip playing a party in your overall swing? Let’s examine. There are fundamentals to the golf grip that can change your golf swing and lead to straighter shots.

Check your stance & grip. From there, hinge the club with your wrists without moving your arms. Do this until the club is in front of your body and parallel to the ground. If the toe of the club isn’t pointing straight up, your grip is not square, which is a problem.

Once you refresh your grip, which can be done through one of our South Florida golf schools, you can use your left shoulder coil into your backswing. You should be able to utilize this position well to get the best golf swing, as long as you are using your body correctly into the downswing.

It helps to have another person critiquing your swing and looking for errors, which can begin with the grip. Contact one of our experts today and see how a golf professional can help guide you into a better stance and a better golf game.