Hosting a Quinceañera at a Golf Course Banquet Hall

In the Hispanic culture, a quinceanera is a big deal for a young woman. It is her official coming of age celebration in the church. It is the Catholic equivalent of a mix between a sweet sixteen and a bat mitzvah, but at the age of fifteen. It has the religious ties similar to that of a bat mitzvah, and the party similar to that of a sweet sixteen. All in all, it is a big time in a young woman’s life.

When a family decides that they are going to throw their daughter a quinceanera, it is a big deal. They spare no cost when it comes time for their little princess to become a queen. Everything has to be as big and extravagant as possible, not to mention everything has to be perfect. Everything from the venue to the DJ to the cake to the dress has to meet a certain standard that the family sets, and nothing else will do. One venue that might be perfect for your private event is a golf course. Most golf courses have a private banquet hall that overlooks the beautiful golf course, and what better a place for your little princess’ special day? The views from the venue alone will make the entire celebration worth it.

When a girl is openly making the transition from a girl to a woman in front of her church, and later at the celebration, she deserves the best of everything. It isn’t easy being a woman, so every girl deserves one day that is completely dedicated to her and what she want.