Hosting a Golf Course Graduation Party

It’s that time of year again. It’s graduating time. Whether it be from high school, undergrad, grad school, or maybe even middle school, people are graduating left and right. You know what that means. Graduation parties galore. They’re all the same. Everyone gives the graduate a “Congrats Grad!” balloon, and there are drinks and cake and good times to be had. So when it comes time for your graduation, you should do something different, something that isn’t the typical graduation party venue.

What better a way to set your party apart than to have it at a golf course?  People typically don’t think of a golf course when planning their party. But just imagine it: Beautiful landscaping in the back of all of the pictures, a nice relaxing atmosphere, and if your guests are old enough, maybe some mimosas or a glass of champagne. Golf courses are underestimated in terms of their beauty, and it doesn’t make sense why. Sure, some probably aren’t the best looking. But then there are the ones with the soft, green, rolling hills, and the nice pond with some ducks in it, and the beautiful sunsets in the background. There isn’t a place more perfect for a graduation party than a golf course.

So when that exciting time of graduation comes along, and it’s time to plan that party that everyone else is also planning, remember the golf course idea. Simple, yet perfect. Start planning your golf course graduation party today!