Hosting a Golf Club Event: Things to Consider

When you are searching for the perfect venue to host your next birthday, company event, or other celebration, it’s likely you might consider a golf course. Golf courses are known for pristine conditions, well-kept greens, ample space, and a variety of amenities. Considering a South Florida golf club as the location for your next event? Here are some things to consider as you plan your golf club event:

Menu options. Does the club offer customized menus, or is there one set menu that you have to use for your event?

Scheduling. Is the golf club open in terms of scheduling your event, or are you limited to one date this year and everything else is booked? Don’t compromise on your desired event date when you could look around at other golf clubs.

Deposits. Find out about any mandatory deposits for the room/linens/food, etc. Knowing what to expect early on will make the entire process smooth leading up to your event.

Entertainment. Do you need to hire a band to perform or does the golf club work regularly with a particular musical act?

Capacity. A huge element of planning a party is knowing the maximum capacity of a space. Find out how many guests you are allowed and confirm that your guest list is at or under the limit.

Good luck on your private golf club event!