Hitting the Golf Course: You’ve Gotta Dress the Part!

When it comes to the game of golf, one thing that has been consistent over time is that the golf course has a certain dress code as part of the game’s etiquette that players need to adhere by. While you don’t need a full golf uniform, there are some elements of your wardrobe that should adhere to the tradition of the game.

In general, a collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts or slacks will get you onto most golf courses (additionally, golf skirts or skorts for women). Many lower-priced courses also permit denim shorts or blue jeans. For comfort and practicality, a dri-fit style that wicks sweat away is a smart choice for golf courses, especially in the summer, especially in Florida!

Most upscale courses require collared shirts and have a no-denim rule. A very small number of (mostly private luxury) courses even have no-shorts rules, requiring golf slacks.

Sneakers or running shoes are sometimes allowed on golf courses, but not always. Many courses now require “soft” spikes made of hard rubber or plastic, not traditional metal. Furthermore, other types of shoes that may appear to offer the same comfort and stability are not necessarily permitted. Sandals are a definite don’t.

Since the level of requirements varies from course to course, it is a smart decision to call ahead and find out what the specific dress code rules are at a golf course before you show up. However, in the worst case scenario you’ll have to buy something from the golf pro shop that is acceptable.