Helpful Golf Tips for Beginners

When you decide you want to start golfing, the sport can seem overwhelming and daunting. Luckily, there a few pointers you can implement right away as a beginning golfer, or you can even sign up for introductory golf lessons at a local course.

Golf can be frustrating for some, especially if you have friends that golf who you want to play with. The majority of beginner golfers want to play great golf immediately, but are not willing to devote the time to learn the fundamentals which will enable them to play great golf. So when they play a few rounds shooting terrible scores, they simply give up. Golf is an amazing and challenging sport, and we want to encourage you to stick with it and really focus on becoming a dedicated player.

Beginners need to know golf tips like the right way to grip the golf club, correct way to stand, and the proper way to swing. But aside from the technical elements of the game, you should also learn about golf course etiquette. If this all seems like too much to handle on your own, contact our South Florida golf school and get a course from one of our professionals today!