Graduation Party Tips

Whether your child is graduating kindergarten, high school, or college, it’s a cause for celebration! Host the perfect graduation party for your child and celebrate their accomplishments with your friends and family. Not sure where to begin in planning a graduation party? Let us help!

First, before anything, set your budget.


Choosing the graduation party venue is the next step. Pick a place that is convenient and has ample parking.


Keep in mind others in your child’s class will have parties too. Plan accordingly.


Depending on the formality you want, you can consider co-hosting the party with a few of your child’s best friends. That way you can also split costs! As far as invites, you should send formal invites and print all pertinent information on the invite

To eat?

Finger foods and sandwiches work well. If you want a more formal party, dinner menus can be arranged through most venues and catering companies.

Remember… have FUN! This is your child’s time, and everyone is proud of them! Take pride in your amazing party and cheers to the future!