How Golfing Can Help You in Business

Aside from being a mentally stimulating and physically challenging game, golf can also be a powerful tool for furthering your career. Not sure how golf can help you in the business world? Let’s go over a few ways that playing 18 holes can translate into business success for you! Whether you invite clients to the course or show up alone and want to meet new golfing acquaintances (and prospective business partners), here are our tips:

Remember to compliment your prospective client on good shots and putts

Don’t be too competitive

Never cheat. Cheating on the course is a clue that you might cheat in other areas of life as well

Be on time! If you’ve invited clients to join you, please give yourself an adequate window of time to arrive at the club before your guests get there.

Come to the course with a few business cards to exchange before the end of the round. Follow up by scheduling a lunch, or at the very least, be sure to connect on LinkedIn

Structure the outing so you have time for lunch or a happy hour visit after the game. This time affords a better opportunity to discuss business, life, or changes at work.

Respect the etiquette of the game by repairing divots on the course, ball marks on the greens, and raking bunkers, if needed. This will help show your peers your respect for others and for the course

Start the conversations with innocuous topics. Avoid diving into business talk right away

So maybe you are ready to have a client meeting but aren’t a member of a local golf club. No worries! You can easily schedule a tee time at a South Florida public golf course that does not require membership.