Golf School Secrets: Top Golf Tips for Women

Looking to add power to your golf shots? We’ve got a few tips to share on how women can maximize their swing and see a few yards added to the distance of your drives.

Swing around your body. Swing around rather than in an up & down direction, which will help increase your clubhead speed and also contribute to the distance. Use your driver & your woods more than you do the other irons.

Give yourself space. Have a wide stance, with the ball forward, and your weight on one side, read to tilt and shift over as you swing. The butt end of the club should be about an open hand’s distance away from your body.

Use your hips for resistance. The winding of your upper body combined with the resistance of your lower body can equal some pretty strong momentum. Separate your upper and lower body and really focus on where your strength is–then use that strength to power your swing.

Swing through the ball. Don’t try to slap the ball or scoop it, you want to swing the club through impact for a full, and powerful, swing.

Avoid “chicken arming” and keep your arms in check as you swing. This shift in your arm can lead to a crooked and short falling drive.

Need more tips for your golf game? Come visit the South Florida golf schools at Deer Creek and we can help you improve your game today!