Don’t be a Bridezilla at Your Golf Course Wedding

Bridezillas don’t get their name for nothing. All they want is their day to go just as planned, and when things go awry they can lose a little bit of their self control, and that is when the zilla makes its appearance. Nobody wants to deal with a bridezilla, including the bride, so when it comes time to plan your golf course wedding, here are some things to remember.

First off, set a budget. Nobody likes getting side swiped by a bill 10 times larger than they thought it would be, and the best thing to combat this is to have a set budget and know how much you are putting into everything. Nothing will make someone go bonkers like having to pay for something they weren’t expecting.

Second, organization is key. Keeping up with everything can substantially reduce the amount of stress come wedding day. Also, prioritizing is very important. Sometimes having a photographer is more important than having the thousand dollar shoes, or the grooms cake that is completely ridiculous. Chances are you are going to have to cut corners, just make sure not to cut anything important out of the wedding.

All in all, weddings are some of the biggest times in people’s lives. It is no secret that some people are better than others at handling their stress, and it is easy to tell. Bridezillas are not fun to be around, but just remember that they have good intentions at heart.