Choosing a Wedding Venue

When it comes to getting married, one of the biggest details for planning your big day is selecting the right South Florida wedding venue. By figuring out a few specific details for the wedding, you’ll find it easy to narrow down what kind of venues will work for your dream wedding, as well as what kind will not.

Craving an outdoor wedding? Time it right with seasonal weather trends. South Florida is beautiful, but the late summer can be sweltering—not the time you want to be wearing an elaborate wedding dress and taking hundreds of photos. However, if it’s timed right, an outdoor wedding can be gorgeous.

Choosing a reception hall is a separate endeavor from the wedding location itself, and it is just as important. A huge consideration that people don’t immediately take into account is the parking availability at a venue. What is more frustrating than searching for parking as a party has already begun? If you are going to pick a place that doesn’t have a dedicated lot or garage, you might want to offer a shuttle from the wedding to the reception, or hire a valet service to assist with parking.

Once you make a decision on choosing your wedding venue, search available dates for booking, and begin planning your dream wedding!