Doing Business on the Golf Course

Golfing is a pastime enjoyed by many people, but aside from being a fun way to relax, it’s also a great place to take prospective and existing clients. For a change of pace, you can take your business to the golf course and share your love of the game, as well as potentially embark on a new business venture. If you decide to handle business on the golf course, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind.

Arrive on time. Making your guests wait is a definite no-no

Encourage your fellow players and compliment good shots to demonstrate good sportsmanship

Enjoy your time – don’t get angry

Know golf etiquette

Do not cheat! This will create an environment of distrust

Share pointers if you frequent the golf course

Treat your guests to lunch, where you can delve further into discussing business

Save the alcohol for your post-game meal

If you are looking to schedule a round of business golf, use our online tee time scheduling tool to book your round of golf today!