Advice for Your South Florida Wedding

No matter what type of South Florida wedding you’re throwing, whether it’s at a gorgeous golf course, in a chapel, or at the courthouse, you are most likely going to try to make everyone happy. Unless you are getting married with your significant other and the least amount of witnesses you can have, you are going to strive perfection. The best advice you can ever take is one simple sentence. You are not going to please everyone.

People will always find something to complain about. You could have a wedding as grand as the royal wedding of William and Kate, and people will still find something wrong with it. The best thing you can do is focus on you and your significant other and what the two of you want. After all, it is your day, and you are the only two that should really have a say. Hands down the people that cause the most drama in the wedding party are the bridesmaids. They all want to do things a certain way, and oftentimes forget what the wedding is all about. So what if your sister wants to wear a dress that she already has. It is your day, and if you want her to wear a different dress she needs to respect that.

On your special day, you and your special person need to both remember why you are there and that it is your day. It isn’t a day for your mom to live out all of her wild dreams. It is your day, and you aren’t going to please everyone. Make your South Florida wedding the day you have been dreaming of, and enjoy every minute.