5 Tips to Being a Successful Golfer

Golf is a game filled with secrets, tips, tricks, and lessons. Over our extensive time with the game of golf, we have learned a few trade secrets that we want to share to help you improve your game.

Walk at a good pace. The laid back attitude of golf can make it easy to walk slowly and laze along, but you can use these walks in between holes to make the golf game more vigorous as exercise. Utilize this opportunity.

Train both sides of your body. Even if you are a lefty, you need to have your body equally developed and balanced for successful golf experiences and for overall health.

Give attention to your hands and wrists. These parts of your body take a lot of the work when golfing. It is important to stretch your fingers and rotate your wrists, and also to use light hand weights to exercise your hand muscles with low compression.

Work your core. Your swing relies on the movement in your core and waist, among other things, so it is a good idea to have these core muscles developed.

Eat well. Eating for fuel rather than for the sake of food will help you on and off the golf course. Staying mindful of your weight is important and it will ensure you can play golf for many years to come!